Our campaign

Activ has launched a new advertising campaign that has been co-created with our customers. 

The campaign features a combination of illustrations and stories of things that are important to our customers, highlighting the diversity of both the individuals and their goals in the process.

The new advertising campaign includes outdoor advertising on billboards and buses, radio advertising and social media advertising. You can see and listen to the ads below:

Outdoor advertising – billboards and buses



Radio advertising 

You can listen to the radio ads here.

  • Mark, Activ customer
  • Sarah, Activ customer
  • Activ customer

  • Facebook advertising

    Our Facebook advertising features ‘behind the scenes’ videos and photos of customers being interviewed for the radio ads and drawing their goals for the billboards and buses.

    Follow our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/ActivFoundation/ you’ll see our campaign posts throughout June.


    If you have any questions about our advertising campaign, please call the Activ marketing team on (08) 9387 0555 or email us at marketing@activ.asn.au

    Or if you live with disability and would like to talk to us about how we can support you, call us on (08) 9387 0555 or email us at customerengagement@activ.asn.au.

    We hope you enjoy the campaign and our customers’ contributions, as much as we enjoyed working with them to create it.


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