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Our Purpose, Vision & Values

At Activ, our blueprint explains what we stand for and where we are going in our future. It includes our purpose, vision, values and manifesto. Our manifesto links our past, present and future. Without our founders, we wouldn't be where we are today.

Our Purpose

Enabling people living with disability to pursue a better life. 

Our Vision

Choice and freedom for all. 

Our Values

At Activ we:

  • Share a passion for people
  • Are customer driven
  • Listen loudly
  • Create together
  • Learn and grow
  • Lead with courage     

Our Manifesto

We are proud of our heritage - those families who had the leadership and passion to build something for generations to come.

They had enough courage and vision to know their children deserved better and could offer so much more.

These attributes of leadership, passion, courage and vision still drive Activ today.

We understand that living and working with disability is both challenging and rewarding.

We are at the coalface; we support, we encourage, we develop.

We listen loudly to our customers, we learn, we evolve, we get better, we act.

We provide the springboard for people to be what they truly can be.

Activ honours the capabilities of people with disability and honours their right to choice and freedom to live their life, full of growth and happiness.

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