Opportunities for Educators

We offer a range of specialised programs and resources to assist teachers and support staff to improve their knowledge and skills in supporting students living with disabilities. See below for more information or Contact Pathways to discuss how we can best support your needs.

Professional Development

Are your staff are in need of training to support students with a disability, or would you like to organise a specific topic to be presented at your next Staff Professional Development day?

Choose from our list of professional development or clinical programs or chat to us about customising a program to suit your needs.

Mental Health Education

Activ Pathways provides options if you are looking to gain skills and knowledge to support people through mental health challenges.

We can support you to gain practical experience to integrate mental health support skills into your work practice.


Activ Pathways provide you with the training resources and accreditation, and your qualified teachers deliver the training and assessment to your students.

Training support and online resources available for the teachers.

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