Activ South West reaches one millionth milestone

Activ South West reaches one millionth milestone

Activ Business Services South West reached a major production milestone last week with its one millionth wooden pallet rolling off its timber production line.

Customer Operations Manager South West, Darren McNab, said Activ’s pallets were a vital component that contributed to the success of many businesses in the South West region.

He said Activ customers had been making pallets for a wide range of national and South West businesses in the mining, meat processing and wine industries since 1981.

“Most of the pallets we make are certified by the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service for export,” said Darren.

He said the timber production team is a blended workforce, consisting of 39 supported employees, five support staff and four casual general hands. It sometimes includes Work for the Dole volunteers, too.

The team also manufactures bins for the agricultural, mining and manufacturing industries. For the wine industry, Activ manufactures specialised crates and riddling racks.

“Up until 2011 we also manufactured more than 1,000 bins per year for apples, onions and potatoes,” said Darren.

Activ Area Manager Employment – South West, Simon Thorpe, said Activ also had a strong property care team that provided gardening, horticultural and maintenance services to a wide array of businesses including Main Roads, Telstra, Water Corporation, Cleanaway and the cities of Bunbury and Busselton. A seedling nursery was also recently established in a joint venture with key clients.

“Our workplace is no different to any other. We have a strong emphasis on skill development and safe machine operation, including daily pre-start and de-briefing meetings,” he said.

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