Annual Report 2016

Meet the Dreamers

Joshua small



Meet Joshua
Confident and outspoken thirteen year-old Joshua wears an infectious smile almost all the time. 

His bubbly personality means that making friends is not an issue for this lively teenager, but he dreams for one thing that so far has been out of reach: to go on a camping trip with friends of his own age. Josh has it all planned out, where he’d like to go, what they will eat, what activities they will do and most of all he knows how much fun it will be to be out on his own with his friends.

Jon small



Meet Jon
Self-assured and outgoing, Jon is a hard worker that tackles every job head on and gives it his all.

He is passionate about his job and it shows through in everything he does. But Jon wants more, his dream is to lead a team and become a leading hand that inspires and energises people around him.

Maree small

  Meet Maree
Maree is a high achieving, thrill seeking lady determined to experience everything she possibly can in life. But the past year has been a struggle for Maree and she was forced to abandon her passion for skydiving.

Maree’s dream is to jump out of a plane once again and feel that rush of adrenalin and exhilaration that she so loves. 

John small




  Meet John  
John is a friendly man who is known around Albany for his kind hearted nature, love of art and willingness to always lend a hand. 

His passion for the outdoors means he can often be found tending to his friends and neighbours gardens.

Much as he loves helping other people, John’s real dream is to have a garden of his own, filled with home-grown vegetables, crisp lettuces and colourful flowers. He hopes to one day 
use his own fresh produce to prepare delicious meals for his family and friends. 

Brenda small    Meet Brenda 
Brenda is a vivacious, chatty lady that has the world at her feet. Her honesty and constant jokes make her an absolute delight to be around, just ask one of her many, many friends. 

But for years, Brenda has dreamed of more. Her burning desire is to learn to drive so that she can have more independence, drive herself to work, and go see her friends whenever the mood takes her.

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