Alcohol Packaging Services

Activ Bentley have extensive experience packaging and labelling beer and wine. As the holder of a Storage Licence, issued under Part IV of the Excise Act 1901, Activ Bentley are able to store excisable goods to undertake speciality packaging. This licence provide flexibility for brewers and vintners to have products processed or packaged prior to excise being paid.

Many local manufacturers have been taking advantage of Activ’s unique marketing position to label, re-label and pack their liquor products accordingly.

Our labelling and packaging services are not restricted to the wine and beer industries, we also provide similar services to the soft drink industry.

What we can do for you

Bottle labelling

Our teams are able to apply labels to your products in an efficient and cost-effective manner. We can also re-label, over-label, apply medals and produce barcodes. 

Removal of unwanted labels

We will remove unwanted labels from packaging of all sizes and materials, including plastic, glass, metal, wood and fabric. If a label is non-removable we will work with you to find a re-labelling solution for your product.


We can package products in plastic and cardboard display units, repack products from larger to smaller lot sizes and repackage/ re-box wine bottles.

Storage Facilities

Our service sites have the capacity for large volumes of delabelling. Products other than wine can also be labelled.


Delivery arrangements upon request.

Purchase / Pricing

We are highly competitive and will provide a price upon request.

For a quote, contact our sales team on (08) 9387 0555 or