Industrial Textile & Sewing Services

Activ provides professional industrial textile and sewing services to a range of corporate clients of various sectors including mining, construction and health care.

We pride ourselves on our flexibility of services and are happy look at undertaking new contract and custom sewing work.

What we can do for you

Industrial Textile Products

We produce a number of industrial textile products for wholesale purchase. Some of our current contracts include industrial laundry bags for hotels, hard hat sweat bands for the mining sector and hospital linen.

Industrial Sewing 

We are able to mass produce a wide range of clothing and other goods that are created by sewing different components together along the course of a structured process. We also sew labels and tags to items.

We currently produce;

  • Tie down straps in various lengths
  • Tyvek waterproof clothing, including trousers, sleeve protectors, hoods, boot and shoe protectors
  • Tyvek culture squares
  • Tyvek mortuary wraps
  • Hard hat sweat bands
  • Industrial laundry bags (made with special cotton which dissolves in water)
  • Hospital / medical industry linen (including mortuary wraps, mattress protectors, hospital gowns and booties, privacy screens)
  • Hospitality industry linen
  • Canvas tool bags
  • Dog beds in sizes small, medium and large
  • Carpet and rug over-locking
  • High visibility clothing items and boot protectors for industrial environments
  • Custom made carry bags


Delivery arrangements upon request.


We are highly competitive and will provide a price upon request.

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