Product Packaging

Our packaging division offers a wide range of packaging and labelling services to businesses across Australia.

What we can do for you

Activ provides a quality and cost effective packaging and repackaging service to product manufacturers and wholesale sellers across Australia.

Packing & repackaging products

Our team can package products in plastic and cardboard display units, repack products from larger to smaller lot sizes – also known as secondary packaging, sorting and packaging of promotional products and sample packs. We are also able to package items for point of sale displays.

Shrink Wrapping

Activ provides a shrink wrapping service as a great way to bundle goods to ensure clean and safe transportation. Wrapping services include heat shrinking of canned and other FMCG products as well as break bulk into smaller lot sizes and heat sealing of outer plastic shipping bags.

Product Labelling

Activ offers an extensive range of product labelling services for items requiring labelling/ re-labelling for sale. Our teams are able to re-label imported packaged products to comply with Australian labelling requirements adhering labels to large and small packaged products, drink bottles and sealed fresh food containers.

We are also able to produce product identification tags, information tags, safety tags for electrical items and barcoded labels that can be used for many applications.

Wine De-Labelling

Activ offers a range of packaging services to the WA wine industry. Services include de-labelling and re-labelling of wine bottles and repackaging/ re-boxing of wine bottles.

We also offer removal of unwanted labels, where possible, from packaging of all sizes and materials, including plastic, glass, metal, wood and fabric. If a label is non-removable we will work with you to find a re-labelling solution for your product

Storage Facilities

Some of our sites have the capacity for short term storage of temperature sensitive products such as chocolate and there is room at all sites for the marshalling of product prior to final pack. We also offer a pick and pack service.


Delivery arrangements upon request.


We are highly competitive and will provide a price upon request.

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