Timber Pallets

Activ wooden pallet manufacturing makes up a large component of our business.

Our timber pallets are custom made using plantation pine and include heavy duty pallets, export certified pallets, and European House Borer (EHB) certified pallets.

To keep up with our timber manufacturing sites have been equipped with new timber preparation and pallet manufacturing technology, which has enabled us to be more efficient in our service delivery.

What we can do for you

Standard wooden pallets

The Australian standard pallet is 1165 x 1165.

Export certified & custom made timber pallets

We can custom design and create timber pallets of various sizes and weight specifications with plantation pine. Pallets are available with either 2-way or 4-way entry.

Pine skid pallets

Timber skid pallets differ to a standard pallet as they have no bottom boards. Timber skids are the perfect option for transporting lightweight goods.

Euro pallets

The Euro standard pallet is 800 x 1200 or 1000 x 1200, with 4 entry points for a fork lift. This pallet is commonly used throughout Europe.

Branded pallets

Stencilled branding such as your logo can also be applied to timber pallets.

Manufacture & supply of supply pallet spare parts

We manufacture and supply pallet spare boards.

Second-hand pallets

Our supply of used pallets provide an affordable option to customers.

Pallet recycling 

If you live near Bunbury and have second-hand or damaged pallets you no longer need, we will collect them. For more information, click here Listen.

Quality standards and compliance

Our timber pallets are manufactured to comply with export requirements as certified by The Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service. Our timber pallets are compliant with the AWPCS and European House Borer (EHB) standards.  We also supply heat treated pallets to ISPM 15 standards.


Delivery arrangements upon request. We provide wooden pallets for intrastate, interstate and international use.


We are highly competitive and will provide a price upon request.

For a quote, contact our sales team on (08) 9387 0555 or sales@activ.asn.au