Current Volunteering Opportunities

Volunteering with Activ is now open for business! There are a number of volunteering opportunities right across the organisation. Below are all our current opportunities.


Visual arts and performing arts assistance with the PS&C programs and weekday outings with HACC customers.


Sports, gardening and cooking assistance with the PS&C  programs and weekday outings with HACC customers. 

HACC are looking for a driver to drive a small bus from Rockingham to Osborne Park for the f HACC disco, fortnightly Friday evenings. This position requires  an MR or HR licence.


Saturday Club – assisting on outings with our HACC customers including BBQs, swimming and bowling. 

Inglewood PS&C

Weekday assistance with programs such as swimming, program outings, gardening etc.

North metro HACC

Disco dancers come on down. Dancing fun at  our fortnightly discos, Friday nights, Osborne Park. 

Victoria Park PS&C

Weekday assistance will all programs – from swimming, art and crafts, gardening, animal farm visits and outings. 


If you would like to be involved then click on the 'Register now' button on the right hand side. Or for further information contact the volunteer office (08) 9208 5000 or email

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