Osborne Park - June 2018

A big thank you to everyone who came to our NDIS information session. It was an excellent turnout with some great questions raised on the night which we have saved below.

People had the chance to interact with our team and even get a tour of the facility. We made a collage highlighting the event. 

Notable Questions Raised

  • Who will be responsible for the work that the Local Area Coordinator currently undertakes for us in terms of liaising with service providers etc?  
    - We do not yet know what role the LAC network will play in WA. There is an LAC network in the Eastern States but we are not sure if WA will have a network that looks like any of those over East. Currently for people that are NDIS funded in WA, the role of liaising with service providers and coordinating supports can be managed by a Support Coordinator which is a funded support. The positive of this is that if you are not receiving a good service from that Support coordinator you can shift to another. You will need to ask for this in your NDIA plan and evidence that you need that support.
  • Do I have to join the NDIS even if I am happy with my current supports?
    - Once the NDIS is available in your area and you are found to be eligible, you will need to transition to the NDIS as the supports from the other state and commonwealth supports will cease for participants that are eligible for the NDIS.
  • What do people who are currently not in the system (that is receiving Commonwealth or State based supports) have to do to have their eligibility tested?
    - You should ring the NDIA and request an eligibility assessment for the NDIS. Those that are already in the system (receiving supports) will be known to the NDIA, those that are not in the system are unknown and you will need to make contact to initiate the process. 


Check out this collage which captures some of the highlights of the night.



If you have any additional questions about the NDIS, please feel free to email us on customerengagement@activ.asn.au or call us on (08) 9387 0555