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Changes to Supported Employee's Wages

Activ has been paying its supported employees an additional one-off wage payment after an internal review identified a mistake in the way we calculate wage rates. We sincerely apologise to all our supported employees and their families and carers for the mistake. Activ have worked closely with various governing bodies including the Fair Work Commission and the Department of Human Services and have since improved our processes to ensure that this doesn’t happen again.

This mistake impacts all supported employees who have worked with Activ from 13th December 2011 onwards. Former supported employees who worked with Activ during the past 6 years but have ceased their employment are also entitled to this payment. Our top priority has been to rectify the situation for supported employees. 

Activ has now paid all possible back payments including superannuation amounts, along with an interest payment to compensate for the fact that supported employees have not had a portion of their wages for a period of time. Everyone has been offered a meeting to discuss the back payment if they desire.

A small group of current employees who require assessment through the Department of Social Services will be paid as soon as their assessments have been completed and the back payments ratified.

Activ has made several attempts to contact supported employees who no longer work for the organisation, while a large number of these ex-employees have already received their payments, there are many people who we have been unable to contact. If you know someone who has worked as a supported employee at Activ since 13th December 2011, please encourage them to contact us through our Payroll department on 08 9387 0514 or by emailing payroll@activ.asn.au.

We are continuing to work closely with the Department of Human Services to ensure any increased wages as a result of future wage rises will be treated in the normal way.

There are no changes to the numbers of supported employees, locations, or any direct impact on Activ’s other staff and other services as a result of the payment issue.

If you have any questions about supported employee wages please feel free to speak with our Payroll department on 08 9387 0514 or email your questions to payroll@activ.asn.au.