Michael achieves his independence

Story posted on 29/01/16

Activ Employee Michael Adams has always dreamed of living independently. Recently Michael’s dream became a reality.

At 20 years of age, Michael works at Activ Business Services in East Victoria Park. Working three days a week, he spends the other two days at his ATE provider Interchange, where he learns cooking, budgeting and general domestic and life skills.

“Since Michael left school we have been focusing on training him in domestic skills that he would need if he were to live independently successfully,” his Dad, David Adams explains.

While at home, Michael’s parents have also helped him develop his skills through cooking, cleaning and encouraging him to help maintain the house. 

“We do not have a large family network and our fears about who would look after Michael when we passed were of concern for us,” said David.

Michael’s parents verbalised their fears with their LAC, who suggested that they register Michael with the Department of Housing. When they got the call to say that a house was available they were thrilled.

“The call from Department of Housing that there was a suitable unit came as quite a surprise as we expected to wait a lot longer,” said David. “We grabbed the opportunity with both hands!”

Michael settled in quickly, with their LAC helping get support in to assist Michael at times that when his parents were not available.

“Although daunting I suggest that if other parents/carers wish to explore this avenue they make contact with their coordinator from Disability Services for assistance,” said David.

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