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Accommodation Services Policies

HACC Support Care Plan Policy & Procedures

Residents Fund Management Policy


Business Services Policies

Decision Making & Choice Policy

Employment Conditions Policy

Protection of Human Rights & Freedom from Abuse Policy

Employee Training and Support Policy

Valued Status Policy

Governance Policies

Activ Board Charter

Activ Disability Royal Commission Steering Committee Terms of Reference

Audit & Risk Committee Terms of Reference

Board Member's Conflict of Interest Policy

Change Management Communications Policy

Chief Executive Officer Delegation Policy

Code of Conduct & Ethics Policy

Board Code of Conduct

Compliance Framework

Compliance Policy

Conflict of Interest Policy - Board 

Conflict of Interest Policy - Council

Friends of Activ Framework

Director Independence Policy

Discrimination & Harassment Policy

Governance & Nominations Committee Terms of Reference

Procedure for Screening Potential Board & Board Committee Candidates

Risk and Opportunity Management Policy

Service Advisory Committee Terms of Reference


Internal Audit Charter

2017-18 Public Report, Workplace Gender Equality Agency

Organisational Policies

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Procedure for Customers

Complaints Policy

Environmental Policy

External Consultation Policy

Fee Policy

Fee Schedule

Interpersonal Relationships & Sexual Expression Policy

Participation & Inclusion Policy

Person Centred Approach Policy

Whistleblower Policy 

Whistleblower Procedure 

National Standards for Disability Standards 

Disability Standard 1: Rights

Disability Standard 2: Participation and Inclusion

Disability Standard 3: Individual Outcomes

Disability Standard 4: Feedback and Complaints

Disability Standard 5: Service Access

Disability Standard 6: Service Management

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