Adults Respite

Respite services allow carers of people living with disability the opportunity to recharge, relax or attend to other commitments. It also provides people living with disability the opportunity to meet new people and try new activities.

Each of our respite facilities are manned by staff qualified in Certificate III or IV in Disability and are provided with first aid and medication training, ongoing competency training and are police cleared.

Activ operates two short stay facilities for adults in the metropolitan area, one in Bayswater and one in Coolbellup. Regionally, we provide respite services to the Bunbury area. 

Perth Respite Centres – Bayswater & Coolbellup
Each 24-hour respite centre can accommodation up to 5 guests per day. 

Regional Respite Centre - Bunbury
This 24-hour respite centre accommodates up to 5 guests per day and services the South West region.

For more information about our respite options or to make a booking, simply call (08) 9387 0555 or email

Metro Respite Booking Officer

Phone: (08) 9387 0555

New Customers

Customer Engagement Team: (08) 9387 0555

Midwest: (08) 9938 0771 / 0427 080 332
Great Southern: (08) 9841 3241 / 0428 880 318
Goldfields: (08) 9071 7788 / 0419 918 509
South West: (08) 9791 3456 / 0419 968 094