Children's Short Term Accommodation

Activ offers flexible short-term accommodation (respite) options to support children with disability and their families.

The Variety Pelican Centre, located in Bayswater, supports both children and teenagers through offering both with overnight stays and longer breaks. The state-of-the-art facilities are divided into two age brackets, 3 –12 years and 13 – 17 years of age, ensuring visitors are staying with others in their age group.

The facilities provide children with programs and activities that are tailored help them learn and achieve developmental milestones in a fun and engaging way.

Activ staff will ensure each child’s individual diet, health, education, and recreation needs are met throughout their stay.

Staff are qualified in Certificate III or IV in Disability and are provided with first aid and medication training, ongoing competency training and are police cleared.

For more information about our children’s short term accommodation options or to make a booking, simply call (08) 9387 0555 or email