Matt Wisniewski

Non Independent Non-Executive Director
Committee - Chair of Service Advisory Committee

Matt was appointed to the Board in September 2016.

Matt is inspired by those that live with disabilities and passionate about assisting them to achieve their dreams. He has gained relevant sector experience by living with, and advocating for, two family members with disabilities. Matt has contributed to the external service delivery network supporting these family members by working with numerous providers in planning individualised programs, including tailoring risk management plans that address their specific challenges and needs.

Matt has worked as the Service Manager (WA) for Airmaster Australia Pty Ltd since 2009, and has a proven ability to drive results through the retention and performance development of key senior personnel. Locally, he has lead the development of Quality, WHS and performance initiatives that support best practice and build a compliance culture. Matt is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Matt is a member and Chair of the Service Advisory Committee and also a member of the Activ Council.