School Options / VET Training

School students can access Activ Pathways Programs through a school based application that involves registering interest, attending an information session and then applying for a position at Activ.

The interview process that follows is designed to align each student's compatibility with the values and ideals of Activ and their expectations of the traineeship. A formal offer is made to the successful students and the traineeship begins.

The traineeship program covers

  • CHC33015 Certificate III in Individual Support / Disability

Usually, students wishing to gain employment in the community service sector need to spend some time volunteering. This is then followed by casual work until finally, they find a more permanent position in an organisation when an opportunity arises.

The clear advantage of the Activ Pathways School Options program is the ability for students to undertake both training and paid work within one organisation. This enables them to decide early on if the community service sector is for them and it also provides them with a career path should they choose to follow it.

Activ Pathways collaborates with the Education department at all stages of the Traineeship program including the provision of a representative on the interview panel prior to the selection of students. Being nationally accredited qualifications, CHC33015 Certificate III in Individual Support contributes to the achievement of the Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE).

With the program involving so many of Activ’s sites, our second year intake has grown from 11 students from six schools last year to 31 students from thirteen schools this year. In particular, we have had a great response from schools in country areas and this has prompted us to deliver one of the programs in Bunbury this year due to the demand.  

School Based Trainee

The School Based Trainee (SBT) program utilises training designed by pathways in conjunction with industry components within Activ and represents the latest industry practices. We have constant communication with the parents of the students through a dedicated trainer/supervisor who oversees the SBT program.

Being exposed to real world work places, the students have a great opportunity to establish relationships with staff in the industry and through these relationships, access job opportunities that may arise either during or after their traineeship.

The success of the students integrating into the work place relies heavily on the Skills Reports that form part of the assessment process that has been designed for this program. These are completed by the student and their work supervisors and require considerable interaction between the student and the employees of the work places.

Activ’s presence in the community services sector has encouraged several of the students in SBT program to become involved despite some learning difficulties including Asperger’s and Hearing loss. These students have thrived in the program thanks to Pathways familiarity with tailoring training to suit the needs of our own participants and providing invidualised training opportunities to all students.

Program structure

Students have work placement opportunities at a variety of Activ sites throughout their traineeship spending at least some of their time in the local area.

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RTO No: 51960


What is my job?

"As a School Based Trainee I attend Seton Catholic College three days a week and on the other two days, I complete course work for my traineeship. This will lead to a Certificate III in Disability and I will gain practical experience attending different Activ sites. "

Why become a School Based Trainee?

"In Year 11 at school I completed a Certificate III and IV in Education Support, and as part of the course I specialised in working with children with a disability. I really enjoyed this experience and when an opportunity came up in Year 12 to pursue a 12 month School Based Traineeship in Disability I thought it would be an ideal way to gain skills working with adults with a disability."


Gaining skills experience of work while still attending school.

Sampling a career path to see if it's really what you want to do.

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