Activ support worker Claire Sleeman’s dedication to her role acknowledged through award nomination

Activ support worker Claire Sleeman’s dedication to her role acknowledged through award nomination

Activ support worker Claire Sleeman has been nominated for a WA Disability Support Award 2021 in three categories – Excellence in Home and Family Support, Excellence in Supporting Inclusion and Citizenship and Excellence in Regional Support.

Claire’s nomination was supported by Activ customer Trisha. Claire has been assisting Trisha to work towards her independence goals, including a place to live, a place to work, budgeting and performing activities of daily living.

Claire has supported Trisha in different ways over the past few years. The support she has provided to Trisha over the past couple of years in particular has made a huge impact to Trisha’s life, supporting her in a range of ways to achieve her independence goals.

Through Claire’s support, Trisha now lives in a rental property with a friend and she has learnt to budget her expenses, cook independently and look after her home.

Trisha’s confidence has grown enormously, so much so that she is now keen to work and is exploring her employment options. Trisha has decided to start working in supported employment with Activ as a stepping stone to prepare her for the employment area she chooses.

Trisha said that Claire has helped her in many ways.

“She helped me to move into a place with my friend. I like living with my friend and I like living in my new home,” said Trisha.

“Claire has also helped me with other things, like managing my money and I would like to start working soon.

“I definitely think Claire deserves an award.”

Activ Customer Operations Manager Midwest Louise Robertson said Claire has a passion for her position and loves to support her customers to achieve goals. Her support for Trisha in particular is noteworthy.

“Claire has made a huge impact to Trisha’s life and has helped her to work towards her goals of living independently and having more say about what happens in her life. Claire supported Trisha to source and apply for rental accommodation so that Trisha was able to set up her own home with her friend,” said Louise.

“She also supported Trisha to make a budget for all the things that she needed in her home as well as her daily needs like clothing and toiletries. In addition, she supports her with activities such as cooking, taking care of the home and preparing for rental inspections.”

Louise said Trisha is the happiest that she has ever seen her.

“She is a young lady that is achieving her goal of having control over her own home and finances, as well as having access to leisure and recreational activities of her choice.

“Claire’s persistence to gently nudge Trisha towards her independence goals has meant that Trisha is exercising control regarding how, where and with whom she wishes to live.”

Congratulations Claire on your nomination – you would be an extremely worthy recipient of a WA Disability Support Award.  At Activ we are proud to have people like Claire on our team. If you are interested in joining our team, check out our Careers page.