Commercial Cleaning program creating more pathways to open employment

Commercial Cleaning program creating more pathways to open employment

Last year our Innovation team launched the Commercial Cleaning Pilot to great success. Since then, the pilot scope has expanded to a fully-fledged program, where supported employees will soon be able to receive formal qualifications through Activ Pathways, our registered training organisation.

Activ employment’s commercial cleaning team

Activ currently has eight supported employees who work as part of the Commercial Cleaning team. The team is a blended workforce of Activ supported employees, and other workers from a culturally and linguistically diverse background, as part of our partnership with several multicultural organisations to better mirror open employment.

Now, Activ Pathways will begin to offer a Certificate II in Cleaning CPP20617 qualification, to upskill and train our supported employees, offering even more pathways to open employment.

Activ’s Cleaning Manager, Athol Strang, is excited about the introduction of the training course.

“This opportunity will give our supported employees a solid foundation to develop their practical skills, as well as training in occupational health and safety.”

“Training that is documented, and delivered by an RTO like Activ Pathways, will give our team access to larger commercial contract opportunities, opening the door for many more supported employees to participate in the program.”

Athol has already been successful in securing commercial clients for the team, and has seen several team members move into higher pay levels.

Seeing our supported employees grow their skills and independence is inspiring, says Athol.

“Being part of this program means that our supported employees are provided with a bridge to open employment. The team have been introduced to more complex tasks, where they have to use their initiative, self-check their work, make decisions about how they do their tasks, and work more independently. I’ve been fortunate enough to be a part of that growth.”

The success of the program is a result of a unified effort between several parts of Activ, to identify and encourage supported employees who were ready to experience working in different environments. With a vision of expanding the program across the Perth metro area and beyond, the sky’s the limit for the Commercial Cleaning team.


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