Learn & connect from home

Learn & connect from home

Have you heard about our Activ at Home program?

The program offers opportunities to learn and connect from the safety and comfort of home. We’re trialling a range of innovative ways to support our customers from home using virtual service offerings.

The program is currently being piloted by team leads Rebecca Savage and Tony Chorley.

Tony said the virtual services project was developed in direct response to the COVID-19 pandemic, but there is real value in offering virtual services going forward.

“Once we get the service delivery right during the pilot phase, we can roll it out across Activ. It is the way of the future for our services to be delivered,” said Tony.

“At the Heights we’re about to offer our customers classes in cooking, science, arts and crafts, and dance and movement,” he said.

Virtual service deliveries at the Heights include dance & movement across the decades with Jess, introductory cooking with Gracie and science and craft with Michele, using common items found in the home.

The Heights team has adopted a virtual services anthem, “Rise again”, and is keen to receive feedback from its customers about what they most enjoy about virtual services, and what can be improved.

Lower South Metro team lead Rebecca said the virtual services offerings she has been delivering to customers include dance, Pathways qualifications and social connection.

“For our Dance Inclusion program, it has been lovely to see the customers stay online after the class to socialise with their friends,” said Rebecca.

Customer Melissa watches an online tutorial at her computer
Customer Melissa watches an online tutorial at her computer