Success Stories

Meet John

John moved into an Activ home after the loss of his parents. John enjoys living in an environment where he can be independent, he likes to catch public transport and visit the shopping centre by himself, or out for a coffee and cake with his housemates.

Meet Raheed

Raheed has a passion for all things art! Whether it's painting his next masterpiece for art exhibitions or learning choreography for the latest dance performance - Raheed's artistic skills continue to develop through our community services.

Meet Melissa

We're supporting Melissa to develop her skills in timber manufacturing and product packaging. By working closely with support staff at our Bentley Business Services site, Melissa's confidence continues to grow as does her workplace skills. If you're interested in open employment, supported employment is a great place to start.

Meet Tyson

Tyson has been a short-term accommodation (STA) customer since 2016. Whilst staying in our STA facilities, Tyson has been dedicated to improving his independent living skills - particularly in the kitchen!

Meet Geoff

Geoff's a self-motivated individual who is on the path to fulfilling his goal of developing his reading skill. We're supporting Geoff to get the necessary training to ensure his dream of reading an entire book from the library becomes a reality!

ALDC customer Erin plays with wooden toys.

Meet Erin

Erin recently became a member at Activ Learning and Discovery Centre. In that short amount of time, Erin’s communication and fine motor skills have developed at such a rate that she has progressed from simple switch resources to more complex mainstream play-based resources. What skills does your child need support in developing?

Activ customer Aeron cuts apples in the kitchen.

Meet Aeron

Why not ask Aeron about life with Activ? Aeron loves to bake, to go bowling and to paint. Aeron lives in an Activ shared supported home and describes her housemates as her ‘second family’. What Aeron loves most about the home support is the freedom to be herself.

Activ customer Maree stands with skydiving instructor in front of the airplane.

Meet Maree

Maree loves to go to skydiving. Here she is getting ready for her 10th skydive. We can empower you to connect with your local community, whether that is enhancing relationships, making new friends or getting involved in activities. Tell us what you want to achieve and we will work with you to make that happen. The sky’s the limit.

Andrew leaving Osborne Park Business Services as staff wave him goodbye.

Meet Andrew

Andrew worked for Activ for 14 years. Through his employment journey with us, Andrew developed new skills and confidence by working closely with Activ support staff. At the end of Andrew’s Activ journey, he had developed the necessary tools to progress to open employment. What are your career goals?

Activ customer Mia smiles at the camera while feeding the guinea pigs.

Meet Mia

Mia and her family receive in-home support from Activ. This support helps Mia build confidence and gain independence, while also helping her family become a stronger unit.

Activ customer Lindsay smiles at the camera while sitting at his office desk.

Meet Lindsay

Lindsay has gained new life skills that have increased his independence with the support of Activ Pathways, our Registered Training Organisation. Lindsay’s confidence has grown so much that he now pays his bills online and does his banking with the use of technology. Lindsay has also created his own résumé to support his future employment aspirations. What skills would you like to learn?

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