Board and Committees


The Activ board has established standing and ad hoc committees/working groups which assist in carrying out its responsibilities. Each committee has board-approved terms of reference setting out its role, composition, powers, responsibilities, structure, resourcing and administration.

Finance, Property and Investment Committee (Chair: Andrew Hillbeck)

The Finance, Property and Investment Committee was formed to oversee, monitor and review Activ’s financial, property and investment planning processes, reporting systems and policies, ensuring the integrity of reporting, systems and controls and conducting in depth analysis of regular reports, including external audits. The Committee has responsibility to review and analyse the monthly financials and the underlying performance of the business.

Audit, Risk and Governance Committee (Chair: Sheldon Renkema)

The Audit, Risk and Governance Committee was formed to assist the Board to effectively establish and maintain effective risk management, compliance, assurance, internal controls and governance structures to safeguard resources (people, information, assets), support decision making and support achievement of Activ’s legal, constitutional and code of conduct objectives and obligations.

People and Culture Committee (Chair: Dale Calhoun)

The People and Culture Committee is formed to assist the Board in fulfilling its responsibilities by advising and assisting the Board in relation to organisational culture, employee experience, people management and remuneration, nomination, appointment and performance of Directors, the CEO and senior executives.

Customer Committee (Chair: Michelle d'Almeida)

The role of the Customer Committee is to assist the Board to review and monitor the delivery of Activ’s Customer Strategy, customer and stakeholder consultation frameworks, policy and processes, relevant to the provision of supports and protection of customer rights.

Disability Royal Commission Working Group (Chair: Sheldon Renkema)

The Disability Royal Commission (DRC) Working Group was established by the Board in 2019 to provide direction and advice to the Board to respond to the Royal Commission’s terms of reference, findings and recommendations.

Activ Grants Working Group

The Working Group is comprised of the Honorary Life Governors of Activ and it administers the Activ Special Assistance Grants program.

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