Board and Committees


The Activ board has established standing and ad hoc committees which assist in carrying out its responsibilities. Each committee has board-approved terms of reference setting out its role, composition, powers responsibilities, structure, resourcing and administration.

Activ Disability Royal Commission Steering Committee (Chair: Sheldon Renkema)

The Disability Royal Commission (DRC) Steering Committee was established by the board in 2019 to provide strategic direction, guidance, risk and opportunity management on the Disability Royal Commission. Activ is committed to defending the rights of people living with disability to ensure the long-term safety and well-being of all individuals. The committee will ensure Activ’s participation in the DRC is aligned to the DRC terms of reference and Activ’s practices and values.

Audit and Risk Committee (Chair: Bevan Smith / Deputy Chair: Vacant)

The Audit and Risk Committee assists the board in the effective discharge of its fiduciary, stewardship, leadership and control responsibilities by reviewing and monitoring internal control, risk management and compliance and ensuring the delivery of an effective and efficient audit function within Activ.

Governance and Nomination Committee (Chair: Dale Calhoun / Deputy Chair: Craig Knox Lyttle)

The Governance and Nomination Committee provides advice and assistance to the board in relation to maintenance and continuous improvement of governance processes and the board.

Service Advisory Committee (Chair: Matt Wisniewski / Deputy Chair: Vacant)

The Services Advisory Committee, established in 2011, assists the board in its understanding of the expectations of customers and families and their relationships with Activ; current service levels and issues; the potential need for change in service requirements and the impact of policies and strategic directions on customers and families.

Activ Grant's Committee (Chair: Murray Blanchard, AM JP (Past President 1993 – 2001, Past Board Member 1986 - 1993)

The Committee is comprised of the Honorary Life Governors of Activ and it administers the Activ Special Assistance Grants program.

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