Laurence Iffla B. Juris., LL.B

Laurence Council Member

Deputy Chair

Laurence (Larry) is a partner in the legal firm Iffla Wade. Through his family, Laurence has had a long association with Activ Foundation.

Laurence’s brother Harold is a former Activ supported employee and has been a long-term recipient of Activ’s services. His father Mel Iffla was on the Activ Foundation Board, and his mother Quentin was very involved in Activ’s branch activities.

Laurence was until 2015 the Chairman of Future Living Trust Inc, an allied organisation supported by Activ that works in the area of future planning for families with a member with disability, and he remains a Board member.

He is married to Nicola and has three adult children. Laurence is Chairman of the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research and is the non-executive Deputy Chairman of the Perron Group.