Activ Pathways RTO

Activ Pathways is a registered training organisation (RTO No. 51960) established by Activ in 2009. We deliver tailored training programs to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, support workers in the industry and to schools.

You will benefit from our training if:

  • you are employed as a staff member or volunteer to assist people with disability with everyday living tasks and/or with recreation and leisure; or
  • you wish to expand your skills and knowledge to obtain future employment supporting people with disability
  • you have a disability and are working in supported employment
  • you have a disability and are currently at school seeking future employment
  • you have a disability and wish to expand your learning

Activ Pathways offers training programs that are tailored to the needs and aspirations of each individual by applying a person-centred approach.

We pride ourselves in empowering individuals to take control and responsibility for their learning.

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