Training FAQ & Additional Information

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve collated and answered the most frequently asked questions related to our training. View our answers below! RTO No. 51960.

How long is the course?

This can vary depending on the qualification being delivered but can be up to 12/18 months. Professional development courses may only be a few hours.

Why do I need a USI number in order to enrol?

A USI (Unique Student Identifier) is an Australian Government requirement for all students undertaking a nationally recognised qualification or accredited training. Follow this link to obtain more information (

What do I do if I miss a training session due to holidays or illness?

You can try to complete the assessments using the resource book and take advantage of our flexible learning model or arrange with your team leader or manager to attend another class at a later date. If you are not employed by Activ, please contact your trainer.

How do I contact my trainer/facilitator?

You can contact your trainer by email through Activ Learning or by phoning or emailing Activ Pathways.

What happens if I am called in to work on a training day by the roster clerk?

Call your team leader or manager to explain that you are required to attend training and will not be available for the shift.

Can I leave early and do assessments at home?

If you must leave early, please contact your line manager to inform them of your departure time. Pathways recommends that you utilise the time in class to complete your assessments with the assistance of your class mates and trainer. If you are not employed by Activ, please contact your trainer

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