Timber Certification

The Australian Wood Packaging Certification Scheme for Export (AWPCS)

Developed by Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service, the AWPCS scheme aims to ensure that wood packaging manufacturers produce products and material that meets the requirements of the international standard ISPM 15. Under this program timber can either be heat-treated or fumigated which ensures that timber products exported from Australia do not pose a biological risk to ecosystems in other countries.

The following Activ Commercial Services Workplace is accredited under the AWPCS certification:

Timber products produced on this site has an internationally-recognised AWPCS stamp that recognises them as being compliant.

European House Borer (EHB)

Compliant timber for manufacture of Pinewood Pallets and Packaging (CA-PP)

All Activ timber manufacturing sites operate under the CA-PP certification scheme that enables all pinewood timber pallets and packaging manufactured under this arrangement to be certified free from European House Borer contamination. This allows products manufactured under this scheme to be moved out of Western Australia to other states.