Easy English Resources

We have created a range of Easy English resources to help you better understand our services and policies.

What is Easy English?

Easy English is a way of making information easy to understand. It uses images to support the text, simple sentences and everyday words.

Easy English allows information to be understood by all, including people with intellectual disability, culturally and linguistically diverse background and those with reduced experience with reading and writing.

Some people will be able to read Easy English documents independently. Others will require someone to help with reading and understanding the information.

At Activ, we are dedicated to improving the accessibility of our website and the content we produce. We have partnered with VisAbility to create a number of Easy English resources to help people better understand our services and policies.

Our services

Download our Easy English resources to learn more about what we do.


We can help you find a place to live.


We can help you do things in your community.


We can help you get a job.

Short term accommodation

You can stay with us for a short time.

Education and training

We can help you to get new skills through our training programs.

Our policies

Download our Easy English policies. Policies are the rules for how we work.

Accessible Care and Risks Policy

Our rules to look after your safety and respect your right to try new things.

Advocacy Policy

Our rules that make sure you get the support you need.

Diversity and Inclusion Policy

Our rules to respect that every one is different.

Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy tells us what we can do with your personal information

Your Rights Policy

These are our rules that make sure we always respect your rights.

Other accessible resources

Below are a range of useful resources in accessible formats such as Easy English and Easy Read.

How to make a complaint

Download our Easy English guide to learn about the different ways to make a complaint.


The Disability Royal Commission - Do you need support?

Download the Department of Social Services Easy Read fact sheet about how to contact the Disability Royal Commission.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Easy Read resources

The Australian Government Department of Health have created fact sheets and guides about COVID-19 in Easy Read format.


About the NDIS

Download the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) factsheet for information on what the NDIS is and who is eligible for the NDIS.


We look forward to speaking with you.