Graeme on air

Graeme Govan’s grin widens as he hops into the lift to head to his next shift at Nova 93.7’s Subiaco studios.

As the lift starts to go up, he says he was very excited to be chosen by Activ to do a three-month internship at the station, saying he already liked listening to Nova so was really happy to be part of the team as a Supported Employee intern.

“I like the guys here, they’re nice to talk to and catch up with. I’m feeling very welcomed when I come in every week.” he says.

Graeme’s paid internship is just one of the avenues Activ Foundation offers customers towards finding what their ideal employment scenario might look like.

From internships, training, work skills and traineeships, Activ works with customers to find the most suited employment option for their interests and capabilities, along with providing extra training and mentoring to help them to venture towards open employment.

Graeme works at the station every Monday, completing a range of tasks which include tidying and cleaning studios, checking and stocking office and kitchen supplies and learning skills from team members.

Nova 93.7’s Audience Engagement Manager and Assistant Program Director Natalie McNeill said the Nova Perth office shines that little bit brighter on Mondays with Graeme in the office.

“We really appreciate all the help that Graeme provides around the entire office to every department; [Graeme] is so proactive in his approach to work and is always looking for more to do!

“We are so lucky to have Graeme a part of our Nova family, we hope he’s having fun while at work with us.”

Now at the halfway point of his internship, he is learning to take more initiative in his work and is building on his confidence with workmates and tasks.

One of his favourite tasks is helping on-air announcer Ross Wallman in his studio from time to time, running through competition questions ahead of them going to air, as well as choosing the caller number who will be in with a chance to win.

“Ross will read out the questions and I’ll answer as a practice then I pick the number of the call and they’re the ones who do the competition,” Graeme says.

He says he aims to pick winners.

“I’ve picked a few caller numbers that’ve won different competitions,” he adds, saying Ross has taught him a lot during his shifts and he is also enjoying learning computer updating skills with the IT Department.

While Activ and Nova were working together to find the perfect candidate, Nova undertook Diversity & Inclusion training through Activ’s RTO, Activ Pathways, which readied the team for welcoming a person living with disability into their workplace.

Nova 93.7 Head of Agency Nina Santella said “doing the Diversity and Inclusion training with Activ prior to Graeme starting was such an important part, a really key ingredient in the success of the whole process”.

“It really provided the whole team with the insight, the skills, and tools to really make Graeme feel welcome from day one,” she said.

Graeme said he was very grateful for Activ giving me this opportunity to work at Nova.

“I go home with a smile on my dial.”

If your business would be interested in Diversity & Inclusion training or want to embark on hiring a person living with disability, get in touch with Activ at