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International Women's Day 2017

Posted on March 08, 2017

International Women's Day 2017

Today marks International Women’s Day, a global day recognising and celebrating the achievements of woman. So we so decided to ask our CEO Danielle Newport a few questions about what this day means to her. Check out her responses below. 


Question 1: This year’s theme for International Women’s Day is “Be Bold for Change”.  What does this theme mean to you?  

"Positive change always needs champions who are willing to take risks and try something new. 

We can all support the women around us to take a bold step, however small, to change things for the better."

Q: What has been your greatest achievement in your career and why? 

"I am still looking forward to my greatest achievement. 

I am most proud of the people I have worked with, across different countries and sectors; particularly those who have taken the time to teach me what I need to know."

Question 3: As a CEO in the disability sector, what motivates you to make a difference?  

"At Activ I am surrounded by staff and customers that I can believe in.

I am inspired by anyone who wants to be the best they can be and supporting people to achieve their best is what gets me up in the morning."


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