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Customer Engagement Lead Megan McCamley reflects on how her move from being an external Support Coordinator into the Activ team has paid off.

Megan previously managed a team of support coordinators and found the transition into Activ really smooth, thanks to many of the skills required in the role being easily transferable.

“Activ is a great organisation to work at because we offer such diverse services; it has been great for me to delve into our different services like community accommodation, the clinical side, our employment side – it’s really great to be able to offer such a suite of services to a customer,” Megan said.

“I would say one of the advantages of coming from support coordination into working within the Customer Engagement (CE) team is that we don’t have those time pressures or the billable model, that support coordinators do.

“We can take the time to really get to know our customers, get to know their families, when we’re supporting them to find a new service or when they’re going up for their plan reviews.”

Activ is currently seeking a Customer Engagement Lead and Accommodation Specialist to join the CE team.

“Having a Support Coordinator within our CE Team would be such an asset, bringing their understanding of the NDIS, how to navigate systems, not just the NDIS but health, justice and mental health systems, interpreting funding and linking people with the right support, would be such a great addition to our team.”

Megan said the role is heavily focused on coordination including onboarding, matching them with the right services, going through NDIS plans, setting goals, addressing any barriers, and looking at how we can overcome them so our customer can reach their goals.

“We support when someone comes to Activ seeking a service and they want to know more about us, but also through the life of their plan as well.”

Megan said a typical day can be quite varied from linking up with accommodation sites and community hubs to see how customers are going to representing the organisation at expos and sitting down with a customer and their family to discuss what they would like to do with their funding, and working on a plan to get them there.

“The greatest parts of this job and being part of this industry are supporting people with disabilities and their families to realise their potential and seeing the difference support can make in someone’s life – it’s really amazing.”

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