Tracey’s settling into her new home

Activ customer Tracey may still be unpacking from her recent move, but she already calls her new SDA house in Bassendean home.

Tracey has been with Activ since September last year and transitioned to her Bassendean house four weeks ago, happy to have found the move easy and staff helpful, friendly and knowledgeable.

It was “really easy to move in,” Tracey says. “It took a few weeks to get used to different staff and whatnot, different things to adapt to but overall, it was really easy.”

Tracey’s Occupational Therapist visited her new home before she made the move and was pleased the accommodation suited all of Tracey’s needs.

Shared accommodation with other women has proven just the ticket for Tracey, who has found her housemates easy to live with and talk to and is delighted to have a lovely room that catches the afternoon sun, along with her own ensuite bathroom.

“Now that I’m here, I’ve got my own TV in my bedroom, which is helpful as I don’t sleep very well at night,” Tracey explains.

“I’m awake all the time, so I can watch TV in my room, I don’t have the volume up very loud, so it doesn’t disturb the other ladies.”

Tracey also enjoys scrapbooking, listening to a variety of music, and visiting the beach with friends.

She can’t wait to unpack her bunny statues to put on display – that’s when she’ll really settle in.