Back to the Future with Activ Heartbeats

Activ Heartbeats celebrates its tenth anniversary this year with a special performance showcase celebrating the past decade, Back to the Future.

In 2013 Activ Beaconsfield Community Hub staff introduced customers to a Performing Arts learning program, teaching the basics of drama, music and dance.

Support Worker Kim Parkin says staff soon realised how much customers were engaged in the program and wanting to learn more, so the team decided to embark on the final project in the program.

“It was time to put on a show,” says Kim.

“They were all really excited. Back then we just had a very basic script that explored some of the characters customers chose.”

“I remember we made all our props, even down to tie-dying to make vines for the island. We had a boat too that one of the performers wore, with straps over their shoulders.”

“And I remember at the end of that show, we had this massive drumming session, virtually everyone had some form of percussion, even the audience members. And we all did an amazing percussion number to finish.”

Since that first show, Activ Heartbeats has wowed audiences at their annual performance as well as across the wider Perth community with special performances at Government House, Crown Perth, and the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre.

This year’s tenth anniversary musical Back to the Future will celebrate Activ Heartbeats’ annual performances across the decade, and is set to include some of its inaugural performers including Raheed and Shelley.

When asked why people should buy tickets to the show, Shelley says it’s lots of fun.

“We’re all in this together,” she adds.

Support Worker and one of the programs founding staff members, Vanessa Strnadica, alongside Kim, Shelley and Raheed agree the nerves are still around in the lead up to showtime despite their experience on stage over the past ten years.

“But we get over them when the show starts and the fun starts,” says Kim.

“The enthusiasm and excitement when it gets to that performance day is incredible. And it ends up being the best day ever.”

“I know it sounds a little over the top, but I’m not joking, we have the best fun ever!”

Tickets are still available for this year’s show via