Activ CEO hosts Esperance Women’s Leadership Network

Activ CEO hosts Esperance Women’s Leadership Network

On Tuesday evening Activ CEO, Danielle Newport, hosted the third instalment of the Esperance Women’s Leadership Network event.

The monthly initiative was established by the Esperance Chamber of Commerce and Industry in a bid to increase the number of local women in leadership roles.

Danielle shared her experiences of leading Western Australia’s leading disability service provider, a role which she stepped into more than three years ago.

Having pursued a professional career as an accountant for the majority of her working life, Danielle said her role at Activ had encouraged her to lead with her heart and not just her head.

“For a lot of us, whether we’re working in the government sector or commerce or we volunteer, a really strong sense of justice is what motivates us,” said Danielle.

“In society, I believe we should make sure that everyone gets opportunities, no matter what.”

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