Activ Esperance closure

Activ Esperance closure

The closure of Activ Esperance’s services was announced today, with the last day of operations being 31 March 2020.

We will commence a rolling closure of services, starting at the end of this month.

Activ regularly reviews its services to ensure they are safe, sustainable, and provide genuine, high quality independence outcomes for our customers – in line with our strategic objectives. Our extensive review of our Esperance operations – which included consultation with customers, families, staff and the community – led to the conclusion that moving forward, Activ is not the most suitable provider of disability services in Esperance. The Activ Board approved the decision to withdraw from Esperance and we are fully committed to this as an organisation.

This decision was communicated to all Esperance staff, customers and families earlier today. We are working with our customers and families to ensure services are transitioned to other local providers, where possible, and with minimal disruption. Customers and staff are being supported by local management as well as being offered support through our employee assistance program.

The safety and wellbeing of our customers is our primary concern. We have been consulting with the NDIA and can assure the community that nobody will be made homeless or left without accommodation supports because of this decision.

Activ has made no public statement about ownership of properties in Esperance and no decision has been made about the future of these properties. The Board will be considering all available options through this transition. We would be happy to discuss the properties with any organisation that is taking on the services that we have provided or offering additional services to people living with disability in Esperance.

(Updated on 20/01/2020)