Activ Statement on Taskforce Creation

Activ Statement on Taskforce Creation

As an active participant in the transition taskforce, Activ welcomes the collaboration of so many groups within the disability services sector to provide the best possible range of alternative employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

To be clear, this taskforce is not overseeing Activ but the transition of the supported employees from our large-scale industrial sites to alternative employment opportunities – both within and outside of Activ – over the next 18 months.

This transition is consistent with Federal Government policy encouraging ADEs (Australian Disability Enterprises) to move to smaller-ratio employment models.

Most of the alternative employment options provided – whether at Activ or outside of Activ – will be in a smaller-ratio environment, giving supported employees greater contact with staff to achieve their employment goals.  

We are committed to working with our government and industry partners and, most importantly, our supported employees and their families, to ensure the right outcome is found for everyone.

We understand the profound impact that Activ has made in our supported employees’ lives over many years, and we’ll continue to support and advocate for them and keep them informed throughout this transition.

Activ continues to provide vital services and support to many hundreds of Western Australians with disability including supported accommodation, in home care and community supports.