Activ’s new values to support customers to achieve their independence goals

Activ’s new values to support customers to achieve their independence goals

In 2019, Activ launched our Independence strategy of proven pathways to independence for people living with intellectual disability.

To enable us to support our customers to achieve their independence goals, every time, we realised we need to make some changes to the way we work, so we recently embarked on a journey of redefining our values and behaviours.

We are proud that more than 250 of our staff members from different areas of the organisation shaped our new values, which will enable us to be daring and create a culture which aligns with our Independence strategy. A mix of our staff and board members participated in focus groups that allowed them to share their own unique experiences and opinions around what our future culture should be.

Our new values will underpin everything we do at Activ – they represent how we go about our work so that we can support our customers in the best possible way.

Find out what our new values are in this video, or continue reading below.

Customer Driven

We put customers at the centre of everything we do. We nudge customers to take opportunities and make them count. We respect everyone’s rights and individuality. We empower customers to lead the way in their lives.

We do…

  • Design options, create opportunities and decide with our customers… not for our customers
  • Approach our roles with the customer at the centre… so we don’t limit their achievements
  • Coach towards independence and growth goals… so we don’t restrict opportunities and choices
  • Value everyone’s contribution to customers… so we don’t work in silos

Listen Loudly

We are always ready to hear. We will respectfully ask questions to understand you. We value and respect all forms of communication by listening beyond the words.

We do…

  • Demonstrate listening beyond words… so we don’t dismiss opinions and ideas that are different to our own
  • Communicate openly and honestly…so we don’t make judgements or assumptions
  • Hold confidentiality… so we don’t break trust
  • Value input from everyone… so we don’t dominate

Dare to Try

We are empowered to take bold steps forward. We believe everyone has unlimited potential. We have courage, freedom and resilience to stretch ourselves. We strive for better.

We do…

  • Empower all to take informed risks… so we don’t fear change
  • Have a growth mindset… so we don’t limit potential
  • Demonstrate curiosity, exploration and experimentation…so we don’t see what didn’t go right as failure
  • Celebrate growth… so we don’t take each step forward for granted

Deliver on Promises

We are accountable to ourselves and each other. We work together with integrity to achieve results. We are reliable and true to our word. We have clear expectations in our roles.

We do…

  • Commit to doing what we say we’re going to do… so we don’t avoid responsibilities
  • Work with transparency… so we don’t act dishonestly
  • Respectfully hold our leaders, peers and ourselves to account… so we don’t blame others
  • Create change in people’s lives… so we don’t lose sight of our purpose