Adrian achieves his health, wellbeing and work goals

Adrian achieves his health, wellbeing and work goals

Adrian has been an Activ customer in Busselton for around 18 months, accessing our accommodation services and working at Activ Property Care Busselton.

Adrian’s journey with Activ so far has seen him well on his way to achieving many of his health, wellbeing and work goals.

Team Leader Olivia Hill said Adrian has started a range of wellness activities since accessing Activ’s services and is in the process of increasing his working days from one and a half to three days.

“Adrian expressed that he wasn’t happy with his weight and he made the decision that he wanted to live a healthier lifestyle.

“To achieve this, he has been doing regular kickboxing classes, playing golf and shooting hoops with his housemate at home.

“Adrian also rides his bike to work and will often ride to his dad’s house, plus his work with Property Care involves a lot of physical activity,” said Olivia.

“Adrian has a great team who support him with working towards his goals. His support worker Tom Broadbent will often go on bike rides with Adrian, and his other support worker Pat Ruba takes him golfing at the Busselton Golf Course which involves walking a long distance around the course.

“All of the team support Adrian with making healthy food choices, and encourage him to cook at home so that he develops an understanding of food quality and control whilst also developing great life skills, which Adrian really enjoys.”

Through increasing his fitness, Adrian has developed more confidence, is happier and approaches activities, such as helping around the house, with greater enthusiasm.

He also enjoys his job and is in the process of increasing his hours so that he can work more.

“I enjoy my job. I like going out with the crew and probably my favourite task is using the whipper snipper. It feels good to have achieved something at the end of the day,” said Adrian.

To add to Adrian’s list of achievements, he has also completed an accredited course with Activ Pathways, which has assisted him with developing English language speaking, listening, reading and writing skills that relate directly to personal, social and employment needs.

Adrian fills up any spare time he has with seeing his dad, going fishing, looking after his dad’s dog, helping his housemates around the house and cheering on the West Coast Eagles.

“Adrian is absolutely thriving and is very happy with what he has achieved. And so are we,” said Olivia.