Anything is possible for customer Chloe!

Anything is possible for customer Chloe!

Activ customer Chloe is kicking her goals and working towards her dream career with Activ’s support.

Starting out as a supported employee at Activ Employment Services Bentley, Chloe felt she was ready to take the next step in her employment journey, so she started accessing Activ’s career coaching services.

“I wanted some help getting a new job so I took part in the career coaching pilot program. I really enjoyed it so I’ve kept going,” said Chloe.

With goals to work in administration in the non-profit, health or community sector, Chloe worked with her career coach Amanda Faithfull to complete a work placement at the City of Stirling, and is now completing a Cert II in Business at TAFE. As part of her qualification, Chloe’s finishing up another work placement at Telethon Speech and Hearing!

“I’m now doing my Cert II in Business. I’ve learnt lots of new things like how to make business letters and communications,” said Chloe.

“I go to TAFE 3 days a week. I go independently and I really love it. I’ve even made some friends.”

“I’m loving my placement at Telethon. I’ve been doing admin work like photocopying and archiving. It’s given me the opportunity to learn new things, and get experience working and communicating in an office, which is pretty much what I’d like to do in the future.”

When she’s not at Telethon or TAFE, Chloe loves playing tennis at her local tennis club, and is a confident public speaker, having MC’d the As We Are Art Awards and Exhibition for two years in a row. But when it comes to work, Chloe’s next step is to use her knowledge in business and administration to make a difference in her community.

“I really want to work somewhere where I can help people. My family owns a business and my dad works in the medical field, so I’d like to one day do something similar,” said Chloe.

Chloe’s career coach Amanda has full confidence that Chloe can achieve those dreams.

“Chloe’s always done a lot of volunteering and community activities, but didn’t really know how to translate that to something that could be paid employment, so we found the Cert II in Business,” said Amanda.

“Working in an office, welcoming, guiding and supporting people would be a great pathway for Chloe. She really enjoys being around people and that’s why she’d be so great working in allied health or for a not-for-profit. She just wants to contribute. The Cert II has helped build her skills and experience to work confidently in most office-based environments.”

In the program, Amanda has noticed an immense growth in Chloe’s independence and confidence.

“Since I met Chloe a couple of years ago, she’s definitely grown and become more independent. Her ability to be able to recognise problems and develop strategies to overcome them has really grown,” said Amanda.

“I feel like I’ve gained more independence and confidence in myself and my working ability,” said Chloe.

“I’m really just positive about the future.”