Beth works towards her dream career

Beth works towards her dream career

Being around people, having a variety of tasks, and being in a fastpaced environment are just some of the things our customer Beth has learnt she enjoys, through Activ’s career coaching program.

Working with her career coach Amanda Faithfull, Beth completed work experience at Ultimo Catering and Events, a leader in the Perth events space. Amanda connected Beth with this placement as it matched her goals and interests, and Beth did so well that she independently attended her placement once a week.

“Through the program I’m able to get a feel for what I want to do, to find out more about how I learn, and to work on my resume,” said Beth.

“I liked my placement at Ultimo. I spent time sorting uniforms, maintaining the COVID register, folding napkins and sheets, and I even attended an event preparation meeting for an event with the West Australian Ballet.”

“I like the variety of being in the office and the kitchen.”

Beth’s goal is to become more independent at work, and eventually gain a position in the open job market in the events and catering industry. To work towards that, she wants to gain work experience at a variety of places in Perth and is looking to secure a traineeship or junior role as her next step.

Beth is happy that the career coaching program gives her the freedom to try out different types of work with a variety of responsibilities.

“I like that I’m able to make the choices about where I want to try out placements, and the program gives me freedom to go at my own pace,” said Beth.

“I’ve done lots of transition education in business, IT, maths, retail and hospitality, so now I’m ready for work. I’d love to start working at events.”

Beth’s career coach Amanda has seen immense growth in Beth’s preparedness for work since starting with the career coaching program.

“Beth was initially a little apprehensive but just being in that professional environment, where she was able to try out several different responsibilities was a great opportunity for her and for Ultimo,” said Amanda.

“With that exposure to the work environment, we were able to sit down with other staff members at Ultimo and learn about their employment journeys, to see how they got to where they are today. That was great for Beth to see that their experiences were incredibly diverse, and it gave her the confidence to know that her goals were very achievable.”

“The great thing about this program is that we have access to the tools and resources to really get to know our customers and see what they’re capable of doing. With Beth, I’ve worked with her to find an industry that really fits and suits her personality and that I know she’s just going to thrive in.”

Outside of work, Beth’s kicking all her goals; she loves going out to eat (Thai, Japanese and Italian are her favourites), enjoys going to concerts, independently catches public transport, and volunteers in her community. Now, with the support of Activ’s career coaching program, Beth is also one step closer to her dream career.