Career coaching raising aspirations and confidence for customer Phillipa

Career coaching raising aspirations and confidence for customer Phillipa

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Customer Phillipa has been an Activ supported employee for many years, but recently decided that she was ready for something new.

Phillipa’s parents spoke with Activ about getting Philippa involved in our career coaching program, to support her in developing skills and experience beyond the supported employment environment.

Philippa’s been working with her Activ career coach Amanda Faithfull for a few weeks now, and has identified that working in food service, cooking and catering is her passion.

“During our first session I did a few exercises and games to get to know Phillipa and where her interests lie”, said Amanda.

“Phillipa asked me if I could take her somewhere where they could teach her to make a hot chocolate, so we went to a local café.

The staff took us behind the counter and taught Phillipa how to make a hot chocolate. She loved seeing behind the scenes and meeting new people.”

In line with her career goals, Phillipa has just started a work placement at Carlisle’s Harold Hawthorn Community Centre. Phillipa attends her placement once a week with Amanda, where she works during lunch hour with the community’s senior citizens

“I do all the cutlery and I serve food. Before I do that, I say hi to everyone and accept their meal cards, then I ask them if they want tea or coffee and I make it myself,” said Phillipa.

Phillipa has made friends with Ron, an attendee of Harold Hawthorn Community Centre.

“I like meeting all the new people and I’ve made friends with Ron and Sarah. I like doing different things.”

Amanda has noticed a positive increase in Phillipa’s confidence and says that Phillipa wants to give everything a go.

“Phillipa is very kind and helpful, so it’s great that in this placement she can work on her skills and help others while exploring environments that aren’t familiar to her,” said Amanda.

“She’s quite comfortable where she is now in supported employment, but being able to get out and do something in the community has showed Phillipa that she’s very capable; she learns really quickly and she can do so much.

Phillipa says that her next step involves learning more about cooking, and possibly getting some experience in a kitchen or café.

“I want to learn to make pizza!” said Phillipa.

With Amanda’s guidance, Phillipa’s on track to achieve her goal.

“One of the main things that career coaching is doing for Phillipa is that it’s raising her aspirations. Even though Phillipa may not necessarily be looking to work in open employment right now, career coaching is showing her that if she wants to, Phillipa can really do anything,” said Amanda.

We can support you to become more independent at work, just like Philippa. To find out more about Activ’s employment services, contact our friendly Customer Engagement team via email at or on 08 9387 0555.

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