COVID-19 – service and policy update

COVID-19 – service and policy update

Following a case of community transmission of COVID-19 in Perth, the WA Department of Health has mandated a hard lockdown of the Perth metropolitan, Peel and South West regions from 6pm Sunday 31 January 2021 to 6pm Friday 5 February 2021.

As always, our priority is the safety and wellbeing of our customers and staff.

To comply with WA Department of Health guidelines, Activ will temporarily be closing all our services, except for our accommodation houses and essential community drop in supports, in the Perth metro, Peel and South West regions. Visits to our accommodation sites are not permitted at this time, unless under exceptional circumstances. This will come in to effect at 6pm on Sunday 31/01/2021 and last for the mandated five-day lockdown.

Customers who are scheduled to receive drop in supports will be contacted shortly. If a customer’s support is considered essential, for example, personal care or assistance with cooking, customers may still choose to receive a visit from an Activ staff member, who will be wearing a face mask. Customers in this circumstance are encouraged to wear a face mask also.

As the direction from the WA Department of Health states that everyone must wear a mask if they are attending a work premises, we decided that it would not be feasible to keep our employment and community sites open during this time. We understand that this news will not be pleasing to everyone but this is the safest way to ensure our community remains free of COVID-19. We also want to give people time be tested, if necessary.

The WA Department of Health is urgently requesting anyone who visited the exposure sites during the specific times listed in the link below, to isolate and get tested immediately. The initial list of exposure sites is centred mainly in Maylands, a suburb in Perth’s inner northeast. For the full list, click here.

If you have any questions, please email or phone 0429 234 917.

Closed Activ locations
The below list includes the names of the Activ sites that are closed for the mandated five-day lockdown.

Employment services

  • Activ Employment Services Bentley
  • Activ Employment Services Osborne Park
  • Activ Employment Services Rockingham
  • Activ Employment Services Busselton (including property care)
  • Activ Employment Services Bunbury (including property care)

Property care

  • Activ Property Care Hillview
  • Activ Property Care Ashby
  • Activ Property Care Beaconsfield

Community services

  • Activ Community Services Alexander Heights
  • Activ Community Services Beaconsfield
  • Activ Community Services Bunbury
  • Activ Community Services East Victoria Park
  • Activ Community Services Inglewood
  • Activ Community Services Rockingham

Administration centres

  • Activ Head Office
  • Activ Busselton
  • Activ Beaconsfield
  • Activ Bunbury

Short term accommodation

  • Activ Adult Short Term Accommodation Bayswater
  • Activ Child Short Term Accommodation Bayswater (VPC)
  • Activ Short Term Accommodation Bunbury
  • Activ Short Term Accommodation Coolbellup