Coronavirus update – changes to services

Coronavirus update – changes to services

Visits to accommodation houses suspended

As you know, the safety, health and wellbeing of our customers and staff is our top priority. Following recent guidelines by the State and Federal Government, we have taken the decision to temporarily suspend all non-essential visits to all sites, which includes friends or family members visiting our accommodation sites.

If a customer wants to spend time with a family member outside of Activ accommodation, they can do so provided social distancing regulations are adhered to (i.e. maintaining a distance of 2m and ensuring a gathering has no more than two people), and provided the family member passes our health questionnaire.

It’s natural that families want to reach out to customers during this crisis, so we are encouraging customers’ families to make contact by phone or use video calling services.

Community supports

Another change, effective immediately, is that 1:1 community supports must align with Federal Government directives.

Social distancing of 2m applies for both indoor and outdoor activities.

Short term accommodation (STA) ceases

Due to the practical challenges in complying with the strict guidelines issued by the Department of Health (DoH), we have made the difficult decision to temporarily close all of our short-term accommodation (repsite) services. We will review this decision in three months, just as we will continue to closely monitor all our services.

Any customer who is currently in STA will be able to complete their stay. Any future bookings have been cancelled and no other bookings will be accepted.

Keep informed

Please keep up to date at If you have any feedback or coronavirus related queries, please email or call 0429 234 917.