Coronavirus update from our CEO, Danielle Newport

Coronavirus update from our CEO, Danielle Newport

As per our recent announcement on social media, a supported employee at Activ Business Services Bentley was confirmed as having COVID-19. The individual did not contract the virus at an Activ site. The individual, who lives alone, is recovering and has almost finished the mandatory self-isolation period.

We found out about the diagnosis on Tuesday, 30 March and immediately started contacting people. We can now confirm that anyone who came into contact with the individual has been notified.

Activ Bentley has been temporarily closed to ensure those people who came into close contact with the individual can self-isolate. The intention is to re-open Activ Bentley on Monday 6 April, after an intense clean has been completed and provided there are no other safety concerns.

We will continue to monitor all of our services and sites as circumstances change. Our employment services sites will remain open and operational for the foreseeable future to provide continuity of support for our customers who still wish to work. Many of our customers have already chosen to take leave or temporarily stop receiving services, which is making it even easier to comply with social distancing requirements.

It’s important to understand that just because someone has a disability, it doesn’t inherently make them more susceptible to contracting COVID-19. Anyone in society who has underlying health conditions is more vulnerable to illness.

Any customer or staff member who has underlying health conditions that puts them at increased risk of contracting COVID-19, has been advised to take leave or explore other options to ensure they are making the best decision for themselves.

We continue to assess all our operations to ensure the safety of both our customers and staff and will comply with any legislation changes.

If you have any health questions related to the coronavirus, please phone the DoH on 1800 020 080.

For any Activ service-related questions, please email or phone 0429 234 917.