Customer and barista in training Anthony supports his community at Holy Grail Op Shop and Café in Middle Swan

Customer and barista in training Anthony supports his community at Holy Grail Op Shop and Café in Middle Swan

Accommodation customer Anthony is kicking his independence goals and supporting the local community, through his volunteer work placement at Holy Grail Op Shop and Café in Middle Swan.

After wanting a change and an opportunity to learn new skills, Anthony started his volunteer work placement at the op shop and café in December last year and is loving the experience.

One of Anthony’s employment goals was to learn the skills required to be a barista, something that he and his manager are working on.

“Currently, I’m doing general retail tasks, including sorting out clothes and donations, but I’m also working towards learning how to use the coffee machine,” said Anthony.

“I am loving working there. I am working with good people, and getting free coffee!” said Anthony.

Anthony’s work experience has not only been valuable in refining skills he has developed at previous jobs, but it has also provided him with the opportunity to learn new skills to broaden his employment opportunities in the future.

This has all been made possible by the support staff at Anthony’s previous Activ accommodation house, who have been instrumental in encouraging Anthony to pursue more independent work opportunities.

Team leader Paula Whittam said that Anthony had mentioned that he wanted to work in a retail or café environment, and had applied for several jobs in open employment to no response.

Staff supported Anthony to update his resume and approach the op shop and café, to ask if they would consider taking Anthony on as a volunteer, as well as supporting Anthony to learn how to be a barista.

Anthony’s support staff continue to encourage Anthony, and have seen growth in his independence since beginning the work placement.

“Anthony has shown he can consistently get ready and be off to work on time, and he has been so much happier since starting work at Holy Grail,” said Paula.

Anthony has since moved to another Activ accommodation house, slightly further away from his workplace, and is independently catching an Uber to get to work in the morning, an incredible independence feat!

We’re so excited to continue watching Anthony grow in independence on his journey to being a barista.

We can help you to achieve your goals, and live more independently, just like Anthony. To find out more about Activ’s accommodation services, contact our friendly Customer Engagement team via email at or on 08 9387 0555.