Customer Erin kicking health and fitness goals

Customer Erin kicking health and fitness goals

Albany community customer Erin has been on an amazing health and fitness journey over the last 15 months!

After feeling tired and lethargic, Erin consulted her doctor and set herself a goal to get fit and eat healthier. Not only has she now lost over 35 kilos, but more importantly, Erin is active, participates in the community, and loves to make and eat healthy food.

Erin said that one of her secrets to success is the encouragement she receives from her support staff, who are dedicated to helping Erin reach her goal.

“Activ staff help me to be active and encourage me to try different activities like going for long walks, going to the gym and going swimming.” Because of this support, Erin now especially enjoys walking and using the outdoor gym at Emu Point.

Erin’s support staff have also helped her to learn to cook her favourite healthy foods – vegetable and chicken pie, and omelettes. With this new-found love for healthy eating, Erin has set out a very important rule: “my support staff have to eat healthy with me”.

Whilst kicking her own health and fitness goals, Erin is also passionate about helping others to do the same.

Here are some of Erin’s top tips:

  • eat everything in moderation (junk food is allowed sometimes!),
  • climb the stairs until you huff and puff,
  • don’t smoke,
  • watch less TV and go outside instead,
  • walk wherever possible, and
  • don’t give up – keep on trying and trying!

After following these tips for 15 months, Erin enjoys more independence now that she is healthier and feels comfortable participating in the community.

“I previously didn’t want to go out because I felt embarrassed. Now I feel happy. I am proud.”

Do you have any independence goals that you’d like support to achieve? Contact our friendly team to see how we can help.