Customer Jo loves being part of her local community after securing paid employment at Coles

Customer Jo loves being part of her local community after securing paid employment at Coles

Activ customer Jo is an active member of her local community in Manjimup, where she has now secured paid work at the local Coles supermarket.

Some of Jo’s goals were to become more independent, meet new people and feel more a part of her community. To do this, Activ support workers Evelyn Hughes and Kathy Carley supported Jo to start volunteer work at the local Coles and Vinnies stores. After a few months of volunteer work, Jo was offered a paid position at the local supermarket, an achievement that she is extremely proud of.

“I’ve done volunteering at Manjimup Stock Feeds, Vinnies, the community garden and then Coles, and I was really happy that I was given the opportunity for paid employment,” said Jo.

“This allows me to have my own spending money, as I love to go out for morning tea and can pay my own way. I also love to go shopping at local stores in my community. Now I can buy presents for my family at birthdays, Christmas and Easter.”

Jo works at Coles in Manjimup three days a week, and is responsible for restacking shelves and compressing cardboard boxes. Jo’s job not only provides her with the opportunity for greater independence, but it also allows her to learn valuable skills that she can take with her to future employment, such as training on safety in the workplace.

Activ support workers Evelyn and Kathy have seen an immense growth in Jo’s independence since starting work.

“Jo really enjoys her work and her colleagues are so supportive. Everyone knows her and even on her days off if she goes into the shop everyone greets her,” said Evelyn.

“I believe Jo really enjoys that close connection to her community. She also really appreciates having financial independence, to have her own money to spend as she pleases.”

Jo’s manager at Coles, Mat Lodge, loves having Jo on the team and recognises the importance of providing employment opportunities to people living with disability.

“Jo joined the Coles Manjimup team two years ago and works 10 hours a week. She is always a very positive and friendly team member, and never fails to greet all her fellow team members. She has always completed her tasks independently, showing great pride in her work,” said Mat.

We’re so excited to see how Jo continues to achieve her independence goals at work and in the community!

We can help you to achieve your goals, and live more independently, just like Jo. To find out more about Activ’s accommodation and community services, contact our friendly Customer Engagement team via email at or on 08 9387 0555.