Customer Krysten one step closer to achieving her dreams

Customer Krysten one step closer to achieving her dreams

Albany customer Krysten is well on her way to reaching her goals, after being offered work experience, and then a paid position in an open employment environment.

Krysten started work at Activ Employment Services Albany in 2016, after she finished high school. Currently, she helps to run the printing area, where she coordinates all the printing orders for WA Country Health Services, who service hospitals in the Great Southern region.

Krysten loves working in printing, so one of her goals for the future is to become more independent at work and run her own printing micro-enterprise.

To expand upon her skills and learn a little more about running her own business, Krysten enrolled in the Cert II in Business (BSB20115) through Activ Pathways this year.

“We’ve been doing work on resumes, which will help me to get another job if I choose to in the future. I’ve also learnt more about what skills I’ll need to run a business by myself.” said Krysten.

As part of the course, Krysten’s trainer Erica Gardiner, arranged for Krysten to take a workplace tour of Albany Office Products Depot, an office supplies store, so that Krysten could get more of an insight into the industry.

Albany Office Products Depot were so impressed with Krysten’s skills and eagerness to learn, that they offered her two months’ work experience!

“They were really happy to have me on board for December and January. I’m doing some packaging, restocking the shelves, and packing up school orders. Restocking the shelves is really fun.”

Krysten said that her favourite part of the job is the friendly people, and she’s loving being able to take part in casual Fridays.

Albany Office Products Depot Sales Manager Sam is delighted to have Krysten on board.

“It’s been great having Krysten on the team, she’s a great worker and she’s really helped us out. Krysten works really quickly and we love that she’s eager to learn.

Erica, Krysten’s trainer, describes Krysten’s journey as “inspiring”.

“As a trainer it’s great having motivated students like Krysten who have clear goals around their career and employment options. As a group on the first day of training the students develop a list of workplaces to visit for tours throughout the course duration. It’s great to see Krysten now in work experience with one of these local businesses within the Albany community.”

After completing her work experience, Krysten was offered a job at Albany Office Products Depot and is extremely proud.

Krysten’s independence journey is extending past just her work life

Krysten’s independence is not only increasing at work, but she’s also become quite the chef at home! After improving her cooking skills on Fridays with Activ support worker Monique Williamson, Krysten has become a lot more independent in the kitchen.

Monique said that every Friday, Krysten picks a recipe that she’d like to make. Pasta and lasagna dishes are a favourite, always accompanied by a dessert – most recently Krysten made donuts from scratch.

“We do the budgeting and food shopping together, and then Krysten cooks a meal for her whole family. Krysten now cooks very independently so I pretty much just stand back. She’s always looking to try new things and gives everything a go with a smile on her face, and her skills have really improved.”

Carla Norrish, Krysten’s team leader has noticed an incredible growth in Krysten’s independence.

“Krysten has really flourished from receiving her one-to-one supports and having people believe in her and encourage her that she can do anything she sets her mind to. I am so proud of Krysten and how far she has come in working towards her goals.”

As she makes amazing strides both at home and in the workplace, we can’t wait to see how Krysten continues to thrive on her journey to greater independence.

We can support you to achieve more independence at work, just like Krysten. To find out more about Activ’s education and training and employment services, contact our friendly Customer Engagement team via email at or on 08 9387 0555.