Customer Rachel shares home ownership advice

Customer Rachel shares home ownership advice

Customer Rachel is justifiably proud of her independence. Not only does she work in open employment at her local supermarket, but she is also a home owner.

Right now she is committed to improving her budgeting skills so she can enjoy future interstate holidays.

Rachel has lots of good advice for other potential home owners. She said her Mum encouraged her to be financially and emotionally ready before she purchased her own home, and she agreed that was a sensible approach.

“Before buying a home at 29, I weighed up whether I wanted to rent or buy, and decided that buying would be less stressful for me because I didn’t like the idea of three -monthly rental inspections,” Rachel said.

“I purchased my home through the Keystart program, which involves the Department of Housing owning 40 per cent of my house, and me owning 60 per cent. I most enjoy having a space that is permanently mine.”

Location was important, too, and Rachel’s two-bedroom house is conveniently located near her brother’s house, as well as the shops. Rachel is an Activ community customer and she receives social support and in-home support, which both focus on independent living skills.

In practical terms, she is supported with budgeting and household management. For example, on a Wednesday she does a big cook up then divides her cooking into individual meal portions. She also receives support with cleaning.

Outside of working at her local supermarket for 16 hours per week, Rachel enjoys going to the gym and is looking forward to attending a local friendship and support group for ladies.

Her budgeting goal includes being able to afford a biennial interstate holiday – South Australia and the Northern Territory are next on her list.

For information on how we can support you to reach your goals, email or call us on 9387 0555.

Rachel stands in her kitchen while filling up the kettle