Customers thrive in our two new accommodation homes

Customers thrive in our two new accommodation homes

We are very excited to have opened two new shared accommodation houses in Baldivis and Willetton!

New shared accommodation in Baldivis

In Baldivis, Team Leader Elaine Carr was sure to include all three customers, Annie, Lisa and Julie, and their families, in selecting the home for the new housemates.

From left to right, Julie, support worker Naomi, Lisa, team leader Elaine and Annie.

“We all got together to decide on a location, and we arranged for the ladies and their families to view as many houses as we could.” Elaine said that together, they chose a house that was “large, spacious and modern, and in a good location.”

All three customers were eager to experience living more independently. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, Elaine purchased most of the bigger furniture, but Annie, Lisa and Julie are excited to shop for smaller bits and pieces to make their house a home.

Ensuring good compatibility among the housemates was a key focus for Elaine. Two of the ladies have worked together at Activ Employment Services Rockingham for some time, but Elaine ensured that all three ladies had regular coffee catch-ups before moving in to develop their friendship.

In their new house, Annie’s been exploring her love for baking and cooking; she cooks dinner for her and her housemates most nights! Lisa loves going out on the weekends and especially enjoys listening to country music.

What’s Annie’s favourite thing about living in her new house? “I get my own independence.”

Lisa says her and her housemates all look out for each other, and that she is “loving every minute” of living in her new home.

New shared accommodation in Willeton

In Willetton, Team Leader Gillian Dzongayi said the new house where customers Zoey, Kelley, Janet and Kathy now live, has a very happy atmosphere.

“The ladies all get along really well, and they help each other out with the washing and cooking. It’s been great to see them pick out little things for the house to personalise it.”

Janet (left) and Zoey (right).

Zoey is kicking several independence goals since moving in. She’s continued to work at Good Sammy’s and has also been expanding upon her cooking skills – she recently made spaghetti bolognaise and sausages for the ladies!

“This is my first time living out of home and I am loving the freedom and independence.”

All the ladies enjoy chatting together, and Zoey and Kelley have quickly become great friends with each other and with Janet and Kathy, who have been friends for a number of years.

A typical evening at home involves a good meal, most of the time made by one of the ladies, and a good crime show on TV!

Is living more independently one of your goals? Contact our friendly team to see how we can support you. You can call us on (08) 9387 0555 or email us at